Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatments

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Over time a woman’s vaginal tissue is apt to loosen and stretch, thereby causing her trouble in terms of urinary continence, sexual discomfort, and more. It may also lead to an increased frequency of vaginal infections, like yeast infections, down the road. That’s why vaginal rejuvenation proves to be a leading solution for women today — because this laser technology was specifically designed to gently yet effectively strengthen and tighten the vaginal wall using the body’s capabilities.

Vaginal rejuvenation utilizes CO2 laser technology, thereby promoting renewed growth of both the collagen within the vagina as well as the vaginal tissue itself. This growth also prompts the tissues themselves to contract, effectively toning the vaginal wall.


The vaginal rejuvenation procedure is a gynecologic in-office, non-surgical treatment that uses laser energy to treat the vulva and vaginal canal. The Phoenix medical laser delivers controlled CO2 energy to the tissue, stimulating neo-collagenesis remodeling of connective tissue to improve skin tone, texture, and appearance. The vaginal procedure utilizes the Pheonix C02 device which treats the external and internal genital tissue using a hygienic, single-use handpiece, thereby assuring women of the results and hygiene they expect for treatments to their most intimate area. CO2 technology also provides the ability to treat both superficial and deep skin layers simultaneously with precision control over the intensity, pattern, and depth of treatment, allowing for a more customized procedure.

Commonly, women seek vaginal rejuvenation for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Treating the symptoms of menopause
  • Improving difficulties with urinary incontinence
  • Enhancing intimate experiences
  • Restoring proper vaginal functioning to mitigate discomfort and infections

Not only does vaginal rejuvenation take about 20 minutes in total to complete, but it also requires little to no downtime.

  • Improved vaginal lubrication
  • Increased vaginal tone
  • Increased vaginal flexibility
  • Improved urinary incontinence
  • Restored comfort and confidence

Specifically designed for vaginal rejuvenation, the laser device itself is cylindrical, thereby allowing for optimal comfort while inserted. This also means that the applicator is capable of shedding light on all areas of the vagina without causing damage.

The process itself requires no anesthesia as it is simple, gentle, and relatively painless. The applicator will be inserted into the patient’s vagina and rotated at 360 degrees while being slowly withdrawn to ensure no area of the vagina is overlooked or undertreated.

This laser treatment may also be applied to a woman’s vulvar area if so desired.

While patients should avoid exercise, hot water, and vaginal insertion of any kind for the first-week post-treatment, they may otherwise return to their usual activities immediately following their appointment


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It is prudent to follow some simple guidelines before your treatment. These guidelines can reduce possible side effects associated with the procedure and make all the difference between a fair result and a great result.

Hydrate: We recommend that for seven days of pre-treatment you moisturize your skin in the morning and evening and drink at least 8 glasses of water per day to completely hydrate your skin and optimize treatment results.
Vaginal health screening: Have an up-to-date, normal PAP smear done within one year prior to treatment.
Menstruation: No active menstruation at the time of treatment.
Shaved: Please have pubic hair fully shaved.
Over-the-counter Medications: Avoid aspirin, Motrin, and Ibuprofen for one week prior to your treatment. Inform your provider if you are taking blood thinners or regularly taking aspirin or Ibuprofen.
Sun exposure: No tanning bed or self-tanners for four weeks prior to treatment.
Prescription Medications: We will provide you with an antiviral prescription to fill and take before your appointment to decrease the risk of a herpetic outbreak. Take your first tablet 24 hours before your treatment and follow the instructions on the bottle. Take other medications that may be prescribed for anxiety or pain management as instructed on the bottle. Stop taking prescription medications that may increase the risk of bruising as instructed and in coordination with your physician.
Supplements: Avoid fish oil, Gingko Biloba, Garlic, Flax Oil, Cod Liver Oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, or any other supplements one week before treatment.
Alcohol: Avoid alcohol for two days prior to treatment.
Accutane: Inform your provider if you have taken Accutane (oral acne medication) in the past year.
Ice Packs: Store ice packs in your freezer for use after you get home from the procedure.
Secure a ride after treatment: You must secure a ride home if you choose to take pain and/or anxiety medication.


Treatment Area– Please arrive with clean skin. No lotion, powder oils, or other products in the treatment area.
Take prescription medications– Take prescribed medications as directed.
Transportation arrangements – Some medications may restrict your ability to drive home after your procedure. Please coordinate transportation home after your procedure if you choose to take such medications.


You may experience temporary erythema (redness) and edema (swelling), mild bleeding, tissue retraction, as well as heat and tightening sensations for up to a few hours after the treatment.

Treatment Area: Wash your skin with a gentle cleanser twice a day and pat dry (do not scrub).
You may notice light spotting, mild burning, itching, swelling, or mild cramping for a few days. Do not have intercourse for 1 week. Do not insert tampons or anything else into the vagina for 1 week. Do not use a douche, cleanser, suppositories, or any other products in the vagina for 1 week.

No Jacuzzis, tub baths, or swimming for 1 week. No tanning beds or self-tanning cream for 1 week. No heavy exercise for 1 week.


Apply hydrocortisone cream as needed for itching. Apply antibiotic ointment as needed for any sores or irritated areas. You may apply an ice pack as needed for discomfort (no more than 10 minutes per hour with a cotton barrier).
Hydration and comfort: Keep yourself well hydrated. You may take Tylenol for discomfort.
Post-Treatment Kit (use as needed)
Hydrocortisone cream
Antibiotic ointment
Panty liners


We recommend re-treatment every 4 weeks, with a total of 3 treatments in a row. After a series has been completed, treat 1-2 times per year or as needed