Laser Vascular Reduction

Laser Vascular Reduction Treatments

Helping Your Body Heal From The Outside In

Venous blemishes tend to inch their way across your skin, blooming in web-like patterns of blue, purple, red, or even green. And while some vein conditions are easy to conceal in public — like those occurring on the legs or feet — others are more difficult to disguise, particularly if they emerge on one’s face. Thus, we offer a non-invasive laser treatment to erase these blemishes, enhance your confidence, and restore a more even skin tone: Laser vascular reduction.

About Laser Vascular Reduction

Laser vascular reduction is the process by which we focus a laser through a crystal and deliver it directly over the skin.

Once applied, the laser energy is absorbed through the skin, thereby reaching and ablating (or collapsing) the target veins. As the vein walls collapse, the blood is pushed out and rerouted through healthier veins nearby, eliminating the visible venous blemishes. This process is used to treat various vascular lesions, including:

  • Spider veins
  • Thread veins
  • Varicose veins
  • Facial veins
  • And more
Laser Vascular Reduction Benefits

Entirely non-invasive, laser vascular reduction presents a relatively pain-free alternative to cauterization or sclerotherapy treatments, which involve the insertion of a catheter. This treatment also features minimal side effects, with the majority of patients experiencing only mild redness and swelling over the treatment site.

The Laser Vascular Reduction Process

Our laser vascular reduction treatments involve both the 1064 laser and an aluminum garnet, which is used as the laser medium during treatment. The laser itself will send cold pulses of energy to the treatment site, prompting the veins to collapse. Results will be visible after several weeks, as the body requires time to reabsorb the closed veins. The majority of patients need an average of one to three sessions of laser vascular reduction for their treatment to be most effective. The number of treatments a patient requires, as well as the number of weeks it takes for the results to emerge, is largely dependent on the location and severity of the veins in question.

Some veins, however, may be the result of a deeper venous condition, in which case we will encourage patients to reach out to a local vascular surgeon.

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