Approved by the FDA and lauded as the “Gold Standard” for non-surgical skin tightening and lifting, Ultherapy targets the skin of the brow, neck, and chin, as well as wrinkles that emerge on one’s upper chest (also called the decolletage).

Moreover, this treatment utilizes ultrasound technology and is scientifically proven to be effective, with over 1.5 million treatments having already been completed across the world.


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Entirely non-invasive in nature, Ultherapy treatments are custom-tailored to each and every patient as a result of its base in ultrasound, which is used in two ways:

Our team can deliver focused ultrasound energy deep beneath the skin, thereby stimulating collagen and elastin growth without invasive methods. Ultrasound also allows our team to generate images of the tissue beneath your skin in real time, thus providing us with the information we need to target those areas effectively.

Please note: Ultherapy is not a replacement for cosmetic surgeries, like facelifts. It can, however, aid and augment the results of prior surgical procedures.

The best candidates for this treatment are patients over the age of 30 with areas of skin that are losing their youthful firmness.

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Aside from being non-invasive, one of the primary benefits of Ultherapy is that it requires no downtime. As soon as the treatment is complete — the treatment itself may last approximately 30 to 90 minutes — patients may resume their normal daily activities as usual.

What’s more, Ultherapy allows the physician to reach deeper beneath the surface of the skin in comparison to that of laser treatments. It also features fewer side effects than laser therapy, with temporary redness being the most common.

Finally, as this method does not require alteration of one’s appearance from the outside, the results are natural-looking and progress over time, thereby enhancing the patient’s overall satisfaction.

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