Bodytone – Muscle Toning


To craft the ideal body for oneself, most have to work for it through sweat and exhaustion, weights and cardio, and a series of physical trials. Essentially, one must push themselves.

But what if we told you that there was a process that lifted the burden of exercise off of you and could easily tone your muscles within a matter of weeks?

After all, who says you have to struggle to achieve a toned body when there’s BodyTone?


By harnessing pulses of bio-electric energy, this FDA-approved process tones your muscles, strengthens your core, and prevents muscle atrophy — all within six treatment sessions.

BodyTone essentially re-educates your muscles through a series of flexing, contracting, and twisting movements, thereby expediting the process of muscle toning and muscle mass building.

Essentially, we are achieving the results of a heavy workout without the exertion and potential injury involved in traditional exercise regimens.


BodyTone treatments are customized according to your specific body condition and goals, meaning we can also treat multiple areas of the body during one session.

Additionally, patients benefit from:

  • A non-invasive process
  • A lack of required downtime
  • Treatment times may be as short as 30 minutes
  • And more

Most patients find that BodyTone treatments alone may help them to increase their muscle development by as much as 30%.

During treatment sessions, the BodyTone device will deliver multiple waveforms of bio-electric energy to the patient’s targeted areas, thus yielding an average of 20,000 muscle contractions within half an hour.

By signing up for a total of six treatments — most patients opt for two per week for three consecutive weeks — we may help individuals to accomplish results that will be physically visible within six to 10 weeks after their final treatment session.

Between sessions, patients may experience temporary soreness, albeit no downtime is required.

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